PU Foam Cleaner

Dissolves & Cleans

Suits Foam Dispenser Guns

Removes non-cured PU Foam

Universal Gun Mount


An acetone based polyurethane foam cleaner designed to effectively dissolve & remove non-cured PU adhesive. Ideal for cleaning and maintaining PU foam applicator guns after use. Will also clean & remove grease, oil, wax etc from other contaminated substrates. 

CODE: 34FC500

iQuip Low Expansion Adhesive Foam

- Seals 

- Fastens

- Suits Polystrene Panels

- Insulates

Excellent adhesion to all building materials including concrete, bricks, steel, aluminium, polystyrene and timber. 

Gun Application


Straw Application


3M Spray Adhesive

- Finger-touch, targeted control ensures minimal overspray, waste, and cleanup

- Great spray pattern and low soak-in for high coverage and strong, long-lasting bond

- High initial grab and aggressive tack helps keep fast-paced projects moving forward

- Bonds quickly in 15 seconds for fast, permanent results and high productivity


Trim Tex Spray Adhesive 847

847 Spray Adhesive is a high tack, pressure sensitive spray adhesive designed and tested by our engineers to be used with Trim-Tex vinyl beads. Trim-Tex 847 is a must for installing expansion products such as Magic Corner, Hideaway Expansion and 093V Expansion. Apply 847 to drywall and/or mud legs. Install bead immediately and pressure the mud legs onto the drywall. Comes in a 16oz spray can.

CODE: 34SA847