Cleaning Products & Chemicals 

Envo Wipes

 Ideal for cleaning surfaces including tools, bench-tops, and hands. Designed to have the far exceeding power of cleaning  Paints, Grease & Oil, Pu Foam, Silicone, Adhesives, Ink, Tar, Grouts and more.  Micro beaded surface ensures superior absorbency and ease when cleaning. Whist being  eco friendly & biodegradable, the wipes are non sticky and contain no chemical odours. A rough textured side and a smooth side guarantee the desired finish to work like 'Pure Magic'.

-     Strong multiple use
-     Rough textured side &       smooth side for finish
-     Anti Bacterial
-     No Linting
-     Biodegradable
-     With Aloe Vera
-     Nourishes Skin 

Works like

Pure Magic

iQuip Envo Sponge

is an open cell microporous 
foam with hard yet tiny fibres. These fibres themselves are stronger than steel and when used for cleaning work like extremely fine sandpaper getting into tiny grooves etc. These fibres create millions of pockets that penetrates and erasers dirt and grime - which is what makes the iQuip Envo Sponge work like Pure magic! 

-    Only Needs Water to Use
-    Ideal for paint preparation. Clean walls and paintwork.
-    Chemical Free
-    Eco-Friendly

Works like

Pure Magic

Kaboosh Odour Eliminator

Paint additive that neutralises (not masks) offensive paint odours. When paint, with Kabosh is applied, a molecular interchange takes place causing the  paint vapours to fall away and disappear.

-    Newly painted interiors can be occupied sooner. Ideal for hotels, hospitals, schools, offices and more
-    Eliminates 75–90% of paint odours
-    Works in all paints, stains, primers, epoxies, varnishes, solvents etc
-    Will not affect paint adhesion, hardness, or performance

Paint SCENTsations

is an odor control paint additive. When added to paint, the result is a long-lasting air freshener that helps eliminate odors and refreshes rooms

Improve turn time, control odors, and make your property more appealing to new residents.

Experience a clean, subtle scent for up to four months. Combat organic odors like cooking, smoking, and pets. Use 30ml per 4L of paint. 

Motsenbocker's Lift Off #5

Acrylic Paint Remover

 -Fast & easy removal of old & fresh acrylic paints, wood stains & more

- Works on carpet, wood, furniture, clothes, concrete, tiles & more

- Removes overspray & clean tools

Biodegradable       Water based               Low VOC             

Breaks the Molecular bond between stain & surface!

Motsenbocker's Lift Off #4

 Graffiti & Spray Paint Remover


- Fast and easy removal of  all types of paints, spray paints, varnishes and more
- Works on all surfaces- Masonry, concrete, vehicles , metal, plastic and more

Biodegradable       Water based               Low VOC             

Breaks the Molecular bond between stain & surface!

Krud Kutter

Krud Kutter® Cleaner/Degreaser/Stain Remover is a water-based biodegradable, non-toxic cleaner designed to cut 
acrylic paint grease, oil, grime, tar and wax fast. It is color fast, fabric safe and leaves no residue.  

This concentrated commercial strength formula safety and 
easily removes dried acrylic paint, paint overspray, tape residue, glue and adhesive.

An all purpose formula (1½ cups of concentrate to 3.8L of water) cleans and degrease appliances

Instant Lead Test Swabs

Detects lead on most surfaces within 30 seconds

- EPA recognized. Easy to use, disposable 3M LeadCheck swabs will work on any surface, instantly turning bright pink when lead is present.

- Simple to use: just crush, shake and swab. Red Means Lead

- Test confirmation card to verify results in every kit

- Swabs are non-toxic, odorless, disposable and non-staining