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iQuip USA Super Stackers

The Super Stackers Door Finishing System is designed to dramatically cut the time and space required to prep, paint, stain and/or clear coat any standard or bi-fold door, while providing a professionally finished product every time.

With the Super Stacker Door Finishing System you will never need to find wall space to lean your doors against or use extra space in your shop where you could be working on other projects. You don’t have to paint or stain one side of a door and wait for it to dry, to finish the other side. 

The plastic stackers hold up to 15 doors in contrast to the metal which only stack 10. A huge benefit is the plastic stackers have a lip so that the stacker doesnt sit hard up against the top and bottom of the door allowing for a flawless finish and no paint build up. 


iQuip Metal Painters Door Stackers

- Enables horizontal painting of doors

- Saves time, space & money

- Flawless finish

- Reusable

Painting doors no longer a brack-braking task. The iQuip Metal Door Stackers makes every-time quality easy with horizontal spraying  ensuring a flawless finish!

Stacks up to 10 solid doors.