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Roller Frames & Poles

Wooster Jumbo Koter Sherlock Frame

The key element of the Jumbo-Koter program, these frames have our exclusive, easy-roll cage. The Jumbo-Koter cage spins so smoothly, without skidding up the wall, that results are instantly more precise.

CODES: 22WRR013, 22WRR014, 22WRR28

Wooster Jumbo Koter Flip Frame

Adjusts in 90-degree increments to smoothly paint challenging areas

CODE: 22WRR323

Wooster Jumbo Koter Pipe Roller

Dual cages double production; paints pipes as small as 1-inch diameter

 CODE: 22WR212

Wooster Sherlock Roller Frame

The quick-release spring prevents roller slippage, yet allows clean, one-rap removal. Internal bearings keep the durable, fiberglass-reinforced nylon cage spinning smoothly. All Sherlock frames also have a 90-degree, chrome-plated, 5/16-inch shank for control. And the comfortable, full-size grip works perfectly with extension poles, including Sherlock GT®. 

Available in 230/270mm & 355/450mm

CODE: 22WR017, 22W017355 

Wooster Big Ben Yolk Frame

-The Sherlock Wide Boy Hulk is made for big jobs. Red cam levers securely hold the frame arms in place while using 12- to 18-inch rollers. Made of rigid tubular steel, the Hulk resists pressure for excellent results on walls, floors or ceilings. The extra-strength design actually weighs less than one pound to reduce fatigue. Like all Sherlock products, the Hulk is made with advanced features and long-lasting quality that only Wooster can provide.

CODE: 22WBR047

Wooster Sherlock Wide Boy

The Big Ben Frame paints smoothly and quickly with all 18-inch roller covers. Lightweight yet strong polypropylene construction. Will not rust, easy to clean. Roller takes just a second to install or remove-no loose hardware, no tools required. For use with extension poles, including the no-twist Wooster Sherlock GT®. It's a high-production, affordable 18-inch frame.


Hyde Corner Roller Kit

Corner Ease

-  Works with drywall mud for easy application into corners, soffits, eaves and other tight spaces

-  V-shaped hub directs mud into corners quickly and easily

-  Kit contains acme-threaded roller, bucket tray & replaceable roller cover in polyester or non-shedding lambs wool


Fibreglass Step Lock Pole

Available in 600-1200mm, 1200-2400mm, 2400-3600mm

CODE: 22FPE12, 22FPE24, 22FPE36

Wooster Sherlock Extension Pole


Available in 300-600, 600-1200, 1200-2400, 2400-4800mm

CODE:22WR053, 22WR054, 22WR055, 22WR056

Wooster Sherlock GT Extension Pole

• Special bayonet Grip Tip™ holds Wooster tools in place so they cannot twist or loosen
• R042 Conversion Tip stores in the end of the grip to make all threaded tools GT compatible
• Instantly change tools with one push on the fiberglass-reinforced nylon lever
• Hexagonal aluminum inner pole prevents twisting; rugged fiberglass outer pole
• Easily adjusts in 6” increments with a touch of the thumb, then locks securely in place


Available in 300-600, 600-1200, 1200-2400, 2400-4800mm

CODE: 22WR097, 22WR090, 22W091, 22W096

McCauley Brush & Roller Extender

-  16 Positions
-  Precision ergo grip design
-  Attaches to threaded & locking poles
-  Fatigue free painting for cleaner brush lines
-  Any brush, any pole, any angle!
-  Accepts all sizes, types and brands of standard 6.35mm (1/4inch) core roller covers


Fibreglass Double Lock Pole

Available in 300-600, 600-1200, 1200-2400mm, 

CODE: 22FPED06, 22FPED12, 22FPED24,