Patching & Filling

Aluminum Repair Patch

Available in 100 & 150mm

CODES: 38RP100 & 38RP150

Hyde Nail Filler

This nail hole filler promotes a better finish than spackle products, because it’s made of the same joint compound as the material used to tape and finish walls. Available in a patented, resealable tube with a built-in applicator and a 3-year shelf life even after opening!

Achieves a Better Finish in four ways:

  • Less “flashing” than spackle

  • Easier to apply and sand

  • 3-year shelf-life – reseals, and will not dry in the tube like most repair compounds

  • 3oz tube will fill over 300 nail holes

CODES: 38JC09914

Adhesive Fibreglass Joint Tape

Designed for plasterboard repairs & small jointing projects 

-  Eliminates the need for pre-plastering
-  Strong adhesion designed for harsh Australian conditions
-  Strong lenoweave reinforces joint compound
-  Flexible, will not bubble or blister
-  Fast and easy application
-  Fray free edge

50mm x 20m

 CODE: 20FT20

Paper Joint Tape 

50mm x 20M

CODE: 20PT20

Loctite Sealant

Polyseamseal Acrylic Caulk with Silicone is a high quality acrylic caulk with added silicone to give extra durability and adhesion. Its fast set formulation is paintable within 30 minutes and provides a flexible seal that locks out air, moisture, dirt, dust and insects.

  • Quick completion of project

  • Non-flammable and environmentally friendly

  • Eliminates the use of harsh cleaning chemicals

  • Ideal for indoor projects no strong solvent odor

  • Paintable in 30 minutes

  • Ultra low VOC content

  • Water-based adhesive

  • Easy cleanup with water 

  • Low odor


Hyde Wall Repair Patch Kit

Unlike most wall repair patch kits, this one includes a self-adhesive patch plus two tubes of joint compound – a new product that is easier to use than spackle and leaves a better finish! 

Kit includes:

  • 4” x 4” self-adhesive patch

  • Two 3-oz tubes of Better Finish joint compound

  • Built-in tube applicator

  • 6” smoothing tool for professional finishing

  • Sandpaper

  • Detailed instructions to complete the job and get a BETTER FINISH

CODE: 38WR09915