Power Tools

Giraffe Power Sander

The Giraffe® Drywall Sander is specially designed for the most efficient surface finishing of drywall plaster walls & ceilings, painting & concreting for both new construction and renovation work. This sander teamed with Starmix Dust Extractor & the Jost Useitabrasive system is the proven choice for professional finishers all around the Globe. 

-  Unique Design eliminates scratches
-  Multi-position fully flexible sanding head
-  Variable Speed 650-1600RPM
-  550W Soft start motor
-  Heavy Duty 4.3m vacuum hose included

CODES: 26AG700

Starmix Dust Extractor

Industrial Grade wet and dry extractor specifically designed for finest dust filtration. Huge 7,200cm2 polyester filter surface provides 99.995% dust retention. Features bypass cooling for wet and dry vacuuming and liquid overflow protection with an electronic shut-off sensor. Pre-Filter Sack makes disposable dust bags redundant. Fitted with unique hose stowage and accessory fixation points.  Designed to run continually, day in and day out.

CODES: 326DE1432

The Sanding Solution

Heat Gun

Ideal for paint stripping, drying paint and stains, softening adhesives, shrinking PVC fittings, etc.

-   Includes 4 nozzles
-   Durable & powerful

2 Settings
-   380 C˚ 300L per min

-   580 C˚ 500L per min

 CODE: 26HG1800

Cordless Power Mixer

Suitable for paints, coatings, plaster  mortars, adhesives etc

-  Brushless motor technology
-  High performance gearbox for ultimate torque
-  Ergonomic design
-  Maintains speed under load

CODE: 26MB18

Power Mixer Drill 1050W

Designed for mixing paint, plaster, grout & low viscosity adhesives

- Electronic variable speed control ensures optimum performance.
- Soft start-up speed prevents mixture splashing.
- Ergonomic design for improved worker position and control & reduced fatigue.
- Triple gear reduction increases torque

- Heavy Duty

 CODE: 26MP1050

Power Mixer Drill 1600W

For render and texture coatings, flooring levellers, plaster compounds, grout    , paint, resins & low – medium viscosity adhesives.

- High-performance motor & high-torque gearbox.
- Electronic variable speed control ensures optimum performance.
- Soft start-up speed prevents mixture splashing.
- Wide and ergonomic design with soft grip provides improved control & comfort

- Heavy Duty

CODE: 26MP1600