Render & Paint

Envo Tape

30 + Days,  UV Reistant & Waterproof

-Razor sharp paint lines

-Clean release - no residue

-Strong adhesion 
-Use with all paint types

-No paint bleed 

Available in 18mm, 24mm, 36mm & 48mm

CODES: 16ET18, 16ET24, 16ET36, 16ET48

iQuip Japanese Washi Tape

Ultra thin
No Paint Bleed
Crisp Clean Edge
Easy, clean removal
Suitable for delicate or curved surfaces
Suited for all paints including two pack

90 Plus Days 

UV Resistant



Available in 18mm, 24mm, 36mm & 48mm 

CODES; 16JWT18, 16JWT24, 16JWT36, 16JWT48

ProMask Blue Painters Tape

14 + Days,  Clean Removal

UV Reistant & Waterproof

-Indoor & outdoor use

-Sharp paint lines

-Professional finish

-Acrylic adhesive 

Available in  24mm, 36mm & 48mm

CODES; 16PMPT24, 16PMPT36, 16PMPT48

ProMask Washi Tape

60+ Days,  High Temp Resistance, 

UV Reistant & Waterproof

-Crisp clean edge 
-Clean release 
-For delicate surfaces

-Flexible for curved surfaces

-No paint build up 

Available in 18mm & 24mm 

CODES; 16PMW24, 16PMW36

iQuip Quippy Tape

Multi-purpose PE Cloth

Easy to apply, tear & remove

Strong adhesive to multiple surfaces

No residue - clean removal

Exact Edge

Available in 36mm & 48mm


CODES: 16QT36, 16QT48 

iQuip Japanese Cloth Render Tape

Clean Removal - no residue or tearing
Strong adhesion to rough surfaces,
masonry, plastic sheeting etc.

14 Day Plus

UV & Weather Resistance

Engineered for harsh Aus Conditions

Available in 25mm, 36mm & 48mm