Why do Professional Painters

use Dustless Power Sanding Systems?

Faster, Smarter, Safer, Cleaner…that's why!


The introduction of the Power Sander has been proven to greatly increase productivity, enhanced user safety and provide a solution for consistent, optimal quality results. Now having long dominated the Plasterboard trade, popularity is rapidly increasing in the Paint trade, with industry professionals around the globe seeing the huge benefits of incorporating this powered system in their operations.

Today over 60% of the international market for the Intex Giraffe® Sanders is to the Painting trade!


Sanding is required the throughout the installation of plasterboard, and is the final critical process of the board before painting or any coatings are applied. Although the sanding process is usually the most time consuming, dusty and a tedious task, it's really the most important part of the process, because the slightest flaw or inconsistency can show through many layers paint or coating materials. However, after the drywallers have finished and left the site, there is still a lot of sanding yet to be done before the painters have finished. Typically for the professional painter this could include sanding large surface areas such as walls, ceilings and even floors, more than once. Sanding will be required for the likes of re-sanding initial inconsistencies, sanding of non-plasterboard surfaces such as concrete, timber panelling and floors,  sanding after the application of sealer coat and sanding in-between coats.

In the life of a building, be it commercial or residential, it is the painter who will work on the walls and ceilings of a building most. Every time a building is renovated, up-graded, re-decorated or given a 'new look', the painters and redecorators will be there finishing the project. Whether it is for stripping back old surfaces or preparing new surfaces, sanding has a very important part to play in the process and is a major part of a painter’s life!


Sometimes evolution can be slow. In the past, the use of the traditional hand sanding methods, sanding blocks and sheets has been the accepted solution. In more recent years the introduction of the innovative Power Sander has largely put hand methods to rest for drywallers and painters.

When introduced to the Plasterboard trade, the huge benefits of the Intex Giraffe® Sander were quickly recognised and proven; they have now completely revolutionised sanding methods for the trade, reducing labour costs and unhealthy conditions involved in traditional techniques, whilst maximizing productivity and yielding consistent, quality results. What we're seeing now is rapidly increasing demand from the Paint trade as awareness of this concept grows, especially with the Intex Giraffe® Sanders ability for use on many surfaces including plasterboard, cement sheet, concrete and timber.


Faster & Smarter!

When re-sanding is required for paint preparation, i.e. where inconsistencies are found from the initial drywallers, sanding is a task which painters are not paid to do; they are paid to paint so the faster and cleaner the process can be achieved, the more profitable the job will be. This 'profitable' fact also applies for the sanding process where the painter is responsible, such as paint and wallpaper removal, and between coat sanding. However, whatever the application, with the use of the Intex Giraffe® Sander, the operator can complete the sanding process 75% - 80% faster as opposed to traditional hand methods, hugely increasing productivity. The powered Sanders performance accelerates the sanding operation, whilst taking much of the effort out of the sanding process. Its long reach also limits the need for scaffolding and stilts. This in turn helps finish more jobs in a given time frame, generating more profit. The end result makes a substantial impact when considering labour costs, noting that the sanding process is usually the most time consuming. With companies always looking for ways to cut costs and a contractor's greatest cost being labour, this is a big factor to be considered.


Safer & Cleaner!

Then comes the dust control features. The Intex Giraffe® Sanders are designed to clean up after themselves, extracting the dust as it is generated. This not only keeps the sanding area clean and more healthy but also helps increase visibility, so you can tell when you have a spot or inconsistencies. With the old traditional methods of hand sanding, the operator would need to prepare for a load of dust and apply all the relevant protective gear to prevent inhalation of particles. Furthermore entrances and doors would need to be sealed off to avoid spreading dust. Removing dust while in operation, before the machine operator gets a chance to breathe it in, is a major safety advantage. Inhaled dust can cause serious harm and long-term damage to the lungs and respiratory tract.


It's easy to see why the Intex Giraffe® Sander, teamed with the Dust Extractor and Abrasives is rapidly gaining popularity in the Paint trade; seen by industry professionals as an investment, with huge time and cost savings long term, guaranteed consistent optimal results and a wealth of safety benefits.