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Why Painters Need A Dehumidifier & FAQs

Updated: Apr 9

All industrial painters struggle with humidity and drying conditions, ultimately effecting their finished work. Whether it be the paint not drying or build up of moisture on window trims and tape & film. The 90Litre iQuip dehumidifier can virtually half drying times of quick turn around jobs - SAVE TIME & SAVE MONEY.

When do you need a dehumidifier?

When the humidity in the area which you are painting is above 70% and/or if the temperature is below 10°C. Anything above 85% humidity the drying process of the paint will not occur. The dehumidifier also helps jobs have quick turn around times and save the painter waiting for coats to dry.

How does the iQuip dehumidifier work?

An industrial fan draws in 1000m3/hour of air over coils inside the unit. Any moisture in the air condensates and drops into a resivour in the bottom of the unit. Once this has reached capacity an automatic pump activates to pump excess water through a hose out of the painting area.

How does the dehumidifier work in winter?

The paint being applied in area also has a percentage water in the paint obviously differing each paint. The speed at which this drys depends on the rate at which this water leaves the paint. When the iQuip dehumidifier is used the H2O from the paint is sucked into the unit as well as the air from the room and walls. Dont let the winter weather hinder your business and invest in and use an iQuip Dehumidifier!

What area is the iQuip dehumidifier designed to cover?

The iQuip dehumidifier has a capacity of 1000m3/hour, or, the amount of air a room 20m x 20m x 2.5m per hour. Obviously the longer the unit is running and in confined space (ie windows & doors are closed) the higher the impact.

Will Dust/Overspray react with the machine?

Whilst the dehumidifier has a filter to protect it from dust, atomised paint, the overspray can affect the units longevity and performance. If there is going to be a lot of atomised paint in the air due to painting in the immediate vicinity of the operating dehumidifier, iQuip recommends switching the unit off whilst you are spraying in that area. Switch it back on when your done and for the benefit of faster drying times. The dehumidifier is only necessary to be used once the paint has been applied. It is a good idea to run the unit whilst prepping as it will provide you with a big head-start on the job turn around (particularly in larger areas and/or high humidity).

Mainly my work is residential new housing, and especially in Orange we get really low temperatures. So when we mask up, I get condensation especially on the windows in between the plastic masking and the windows. We used to have to try and slit the plastic to open the windows for ventilation and to prevent a build-up of moisture whilst making sure the plastics still stayed masked up. The door’s & trims never seem to dry etc. with the dehumidifier, I don’t get any of these problems. I spray, put it in the middle of the room turn it on. 30 minutes later, or less, the paint is tack dry and I move on to the next room. Simon Roberts - Orange NSW @thebaldpainter

How the iQuip Dehumidifier Works & Why Painters Need It!

Safety & Warranty

The iQuip Dehumidifier unit has its own troubleshooter automatic safety features such as the automatic defrost process to allow the unit to operate unattended. All iQuip electrical products have a 12month guarantee warranty and product insurance.

Features At A Glance

  • Removes up to 90 litres of moisture per day

  • Designed for professional painters

  • Sturdy, and mobile

  • Digital controls and timer settings

  • Float operated pump removes collected moisture

  • Air Flow 1000m3/hour

We have being using iQuip Dehumidifier on a max 13° days and now able to get a coat of sealer & two coats of ceiling white sprayed in just a day. Masking tape & plastic on windows no longer have moisture in the mornings. We were surprised the with water removed by the iQuip dehumidifier, up to 10 litres of water was removed from the air. George Lindsay Painter & Renderer - Swan Hill VIC.

Where Can You Purchase?

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