Wooster Gold Edge Paintbrush

Introducing the Wooster Gold Edge Paintbrush Range. Made in USA distributed in Australia by iQuip Group. Excellent Control & Smoothing. CT Polyester Filaments for excellent control & smoothing. Firm formulation, soft touch. Stainless steel ferrule and hardwood handle.

Available in 10 different styles

The Super Stackers Door Finishing System is designed to dramatically cut the time and space required to prep, paint, stain and/or clear coat any standard or bi-fold door, while providing a professionally finished product every time.

You don’t have to paint or stain one side of a door and wait for it to dry, to finish the other side. You will never have to mask hinges and paint or stain doors in place, risking runs, dings, timely touch-ups and simply a poorly finished product.

The Super Stackers Door Finishing System! 

Heavy Duty Metal Door Stackers

Saves time, saves space, eliminates runs!

Painting doors no longer a break-braking task. The iQuip Metal Door Stackers makes every-time quality easy with horizontal spraying  ensuring a flawless finish!

Dust-less Full-Circle Hand Sanding System

The Full-Circle Air Sanding System is the perfect solution for all hand dust-free sanding requirements. It can handle all drywall sanding projects with 98% dust-free operation! 


Wooster Firm Brush

The Wooster Firm Paintbrush range is perfect for precision cut in used in acrylics, latex or enamels. Available in variety of styles. 

Wooster Sherlock Convertible Extension Pole

  Made in USA distributed in Australia by iQuip Group. Wooster GT Connection, Quick -connect threaded tip inside, prevents tools from twisting or loosening instantly changes tools by pressing on lever Hexagonal inner pole prevents twisting. Easily adjusts, then locks securely in place. RO42 Conversion tip makes threaded tools GT Compatible.

Available in 5 lengths.

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