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I have been following your company’s progress for some time and I was impressed by your business ethos as a young company and level of service that I received from IQuip from the start


What I like most is the impression that the IQuip team puts thought in to the quality of the products that you supply.

- Dulux Trade Centre Store Manager


About Envo Tape


My favourite “new” brand that’s on the market today. It’s like they took all the old tools we use and somehow made them better. Well done guys! 👍🏼 -MPL Coatings


I'm using this tape with great confidence, knowing that it won't blow away when I hit it with 3000psi 💪💪. Also no paint bleeds and sharp lines

Artisticdecor NSW

all our projects we take on no matter how big or small we iquip it all! Amazing envo tape, we even tested it in a storm and it stood its ground!.. best loved tape on the market 😍 


I can see you spent your time designing and thinking your products. That seems super!

SOS Painting Services

I love the tape, great value for money and one of the superior tapes on the market💯🔥

MDM Peninsula Painting

the crisp straight lines we achieved on the skirting would not of been possible without the iquip masking tape 👌👌👌

Colour Splash Master Painters

In all honesty ..iquip tape is one of the best I have used


👌 your on the money with this tape.. spot on!

Balzers Painting Service

Iquip tape everywhere you look! Some of the best products we have used. Can’t beat iquip tape!


Best tape in the painting industry..... no seeping, bleeding easy to peal and remove also great adhesion.... Get on board guys Iquip have the best painting materials around... @iquip_group keep producing the best.. thanks guys.

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