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iQuip is Donating to Aid Ukraine

iQuip is donating $1 for every $100 of sales, during April 2022, to Rapid Relief Team (RRT) Delivering Aid To Ukraine for refugee relief and humanitarian aid.

As a small Australian family owned business, iQuip is compelled to help the many effected families by supporting the massive emergency necessity response in Ukraine.

Our prayers and compassion are with these persons atrociously affected by lawless violence. We pray for cessation of this war and trust that this small donation will be of some benefit to those in immediate need.

We thank all our customers for their support, enabling us to help where we can.

ABOUT OPERATION 322 - Delivering Aid to Ukraine In response to the unfolding crisis in Ukraine, RRT has launched Operation 322 to deliver emergency food and personal care supplies to those displaced. RRT volunteers in the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Sweden are coming together to provide much needed aid to Ukranian refugees. With essential food and personal care products in high demand, RRT is loading trucks with Food Boxes filled with non-perishable food items, Care Kits equipped with personal care products, Baby Care Kits containing formula and nappies, bottled water and blankets. As the humanitarian crisis deepens, as does the necessity for charities like RRT to act. We are committed to sending 2 to 3 lorries per week for the foreseeable future to support refugees and people who have been displaced, providing aid to those affected by this ongoing tragedy.

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