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Searching for tips through mucky paint equipment is frustrating!

By using the iQuip TipSaver, you can reuse your spray equipment, increase productivity whilst supporting Australian Manufacturing (fair dinkum, it’s made right here)! It’s easy to use, all you have to do is submerge it in a liquid cleaning solution and iQuip TipSaver does the rest. No more back blowing tips and scraping paint off guards. In fact we estimate that it will save you an estimated price of 25%-35% on spray-related equipment.

The iQuip TipSaver assists in a quick and effortless retrieval of any tip, guard or filter you need. Simply use the handle to lift the TipSaver from its container and your tips, guards, and filters are at your fingertips ready to spray.

It has been designed, engineered, and manufactured in Australia. Using chemical-resistant HDPE plastic and an easy snap-together design to ensure ultimate durability and product longevity. It was designed with the applicator in mind, meaning that it is simple to use and fits in any 4 Litre paint can.

Also - Tipsaver is conscious of your health! Exposing your hands to be harmful chemicals can easily damage your skin. Tipsaver removes the need for you to come in contact with chemicals for this very reason. Lightweight and portable, you can easily transport TipSaver to any location you need it. Goodbye to the days of dirty or lost equipment with the help of the iQuip TipSaver.

Note: Tips and tip guard not included.

  • Organises Tips, Guards and Filters in a 4 Litre Container

  • Holds up to 13 Tips, 2 Housing Guards & 4 Gun Filters

+ BONUS 2 x Owners Label Stickers for your paint can


iQuip - Tipsaver - Info Sheet (1)
Download PDF • 18.39MB

For a Australian Family-Owned Business

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