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True-Blue Aussie Jumbuck Tune

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

The new iQuip Jumbuck Lambswool Paint Roller Sleeve range stands out from the Flock with its catchy Aussie tune and of course only the best tradie quality.

Listen HERE

"Painting and rolling Jumbuck in your hand

100% Merino Wool, the best in the land.

Ask a tradie or a mate they all say ‘its just grouse!’

The Jumbuck is the sleeve to use on the every site and house

Roll on the paint guys, thick and fast

True Blue Aussie WOW they sure do last!

With an iQuip Jumbuck, you’ll be making more bucks soon

Leaving every job perfect and whistling this old tune"

The difference doesn’t stop there.

Unique eye-catching and environmentally friendly cardboard packaging is colour coded for easy identification between the various nap

lengths in the range. The iQuip Jumbuck Sleeves are manufactured from 100% True Blue Aussie Merino Lambskin, which has been carefully selected to exacting standards, ensures only the highest quality, dense skins. This results in a naturally dense and long-lasting fibre product that releases more paint to the surface for improved painting efficiency.

A heavy-duty solvent resistant phenolic core means the Jumbuck is suitable for applying all paints and coatings. By utilising a strong centrally machine stitched seam construction method, de-lamination from the core is prevented ensuring longevity and the best possible finish.

Short Nap is suited for applying enamels, semi gloss & gloss acrylic paints on smooth surfaces. Produces fine stippled finish.

Regular Nap is suited for applying flat and low sheen acrylic paints to smooth to moderately textured surfaces.

Long Nap is suited for applying acrylic paints to porous, textured and rough surfaces. Produces a coarser stippled finish.

Extra Long Nap is suited for applying coatings to rough surfaces, texture coatings, brickwork and render.

Available in 230mm, 270mm, 305mm, 360mm & 460mm.

These sleeves are now available at Trade Paint outlets across Australia, and we hope you enjoy the Jumbuck Theme song as much as we do!!!

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