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iQuip Green Envo Tape

iQuip Green Envo Tape


Razor sharp paint lines

Clean release - no residue

Strong adhesion

Use with all paint types

No paint bleed

  • Testimonials

    "Our team is loving the new iQuip range of masking tape. It performs and is priced right. 2/3 the cost of Scotch Blue, we find it has better adhesion. Hard to find a tape we all agree on. This is the first." @craftedfinishes


    "We are locking these stripes down using the best loved tape on the market 😍" @Artisticdecor.nsw


    "I love the tape, great value for money and one of the superior tapes on the market💯🔥"@sospaintingservices 


  • Disclaimer

    • Do not remove until paint has fully dried
    • Always test on inconspicuous area before use
    • iQuip Group have a complete range of additional tapes available for additional applications
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