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iQuip Skeleton Caulking Gun Nylon
  • iQuip Skeleton Caulking Gun Nylon

    SKU: 22CGN310

    The Professional Drip-Free iQuip® Caulking Gun available in both Reinforced Nylon and Metal, has a smooth trigger operation that provide the professional with maximum control whilst dispensing. The drip-free function removes pressure from the cartridge as the trigger is released to eliminate mess and frustration. The Reinforced Nylon gun makes an extremely lightweight option, at just 340g. Both models use a round rotating tempered plunger rod ensuring longer lifetime with the variety of locking points when in use.


    -     Drip-Free = No Mess or Wastage 

    -     Easy Hang Ladder Hook Design 

    -     Tempered Hardened Steel Rod 

    -     Smooth Trigger Operation for Control 

    -     Built-in Puncture Tool

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