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Paint Scentsations
  • Paint Scentsations

    Everyday odors caused by smoking, cooking, pets, and even paint itself can be tough to get rid of and cause major headaches.

    Simply add one ounce per gallon of paint, shake or stir thoroughly, then apply as usual. The result is a long-lasting air freshener that eliminates odors and refreshes rooms for months with minimal effort.

    Paint SCENTsations has a unique ability to provide lasting freshness and combat odors from 360 degrees. When applied, Paint SCENTsations uses the largest surface area in any space to evenly and effectively fight odors.


    Q. What is Paint SCENTsations?
    A. Paint SCENTsations is a liquid paint additive
    that turns paint into a long lasting air freshener. It eliminates odors and refreshes rooms.
    Q. How strong is the scent level?
    A. During the painting process, the scent level will be stronger than after the paint has dried. The ratio of mixing 1 oz. per 1 gallon of paint produces a subtle, pleasant scent. For a milder scent, use less.
    Q. What size packaging is available?
    A. It is available in 1 oz packets to treat 1 gallon of paint, and 10 oz bottles for 10 gallons of paint.

    Q. How long will the scent last?
    A. Paint SCENTsations produces a pleasant scent for approximately 2-4 months and possibly longer under optimum conditions. For best results, we recommend using Paint SCENTsations in both the primer and top coat.

    Q. Can Paint SCENTsations be used with solvent coatings?
    A. Yes. Paint SCENTsations can be used with any
    latex or solvent coatings and will not affect the paint’s color, quality, or application.
    Q. Where is Paint SCENTsations commonly used?
    A. It is ideal for apartments, schools, offices, homes, and more.

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