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Wooster Pelican Hand Held Pail

Wooster Pelican Hand Held Pail

SKU: 22W8619



This handheld brush and roller tray by Wooster allows you carry your mini-roller, brush and paint with you whenever and wherever you need.

This lightweight but durable roller tray is perfect your professionals and the casual home painter.

  • 1 Litre (or 1 quart) liquid capacity
  • 140mm roll-on grid area. Fits any roller cover up to 140mm.
  • Ledge at the top of the grid catches any excess paint and a notch under the outside lip keeps your roller frame in place while you brush or just carry the Pelican.
  • Comfortable rubber grip with indents on both sides and a flexible rubber security strap to fit all hand sizes.
  • Built-in magnet to hold your brush in place while you use the roller or do something else.
  • Pelican Tray Liners also available in Packs of 3. Click here.
  • 21.5cm (8.1in) L x 17.8cm (7in) W x 16.5cm (6.1in) D


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