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to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

'The Caulker For A Cause' 

- Limited Edition

In support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, iQuip is launching a special-edition PINK nylon caulking gun during September & October "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" of 2022. 

iQuip is donating $2 for each PINK caulking gun sold to the deserving non-profit organisation dedicated to the fight against breast cancer. 

‘The Caulker For A Cause’ gun is simply the PINK version of our amazing 22CGN310, arguably the most popular gun on the market. 

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Same Gun

Asset 12.png

Different Colour

Same Gun Different Colour

  • Lightweight & Flexible Reinforced-Nylon Body

  •  Smooth Trigger Operations

  • High Thrust Ratio 6:1

  • Tempered Steel Plunger Disc & Hardened Steel Rod For Maximum Longevity

  • Circular Rod Varies Pressure Point Increasing Product Longevity

Nylon Caulking Gun Exploeded Diagram.png

The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is Australia’s leading national body funding game-changing breast cancer research with money raised entirely by the Australian public.

NBCF receive no government funding. What they do, would not be possible without the support and generosity of people and organisations like YOU.

Since NBCF’s inception in 1994, the five-year survival rates for breast cancer has increased from 76% to 92%. Learn more at

About The National Breast Cancer Foundation

Positively Pink!

Every Ribbon Makes A Difference

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