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Highly Elastic PU

Low Expansion Foam

Universal Gun Mount

Use For Filling Around Windows, Doors & Large Gaps or Bonding Of Polystyrene Panel Edges & Mouldings

Cured Foam Remains Flexible - Ideal For
Pressure Sensitive & Moveable Joints

Solvent-free & Low VOC


Excellent Airtightness For Enhanced
Thermal & Sound Insulation

Almost ZERO Curing Pressure – No Warping, Reduced Excess Trimming & Wastage

Made with 100% Green Electricity

iQuip Highly Elastic PU Low Expansion Foam is a versatile, ready to use one component polyurethane foam used for filling around windows, doors, large gaps and bonding of EPS Panels & Mouldings. It remains highly flexible even when cured and has almost zero curing pressure.

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