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iQuip Scratch & Win FAQs

How long does the promotion go for? 

The competition begins 1st of October and ends 31st of December 2020. All coupons must be claimed by 1/03/21.

How do I enter? 

  • purchase $200 or more, of iQuip product in one transaction from a Participating iQuip Distributor Outlet (Qualifying Purchase);

  • retain your itemised purchase receipt from your Qualifying Purchase (Proof of Purchase);  and

  • visit the, and submit the online entry form (including receipt upload and unique code on the winning card), providing all other requested information to validate your instant win. 

Your purchase receipt must clearly identify where the Qualifying Purchase was made, the products purchased and the date of purchase (which must be during the Competition Period but prior to entry).   

Should I keep my receipt/s? 

Yes! You will need to upload your valid receipt for each entry and also hang onto it after upload as we may need to view the original copy.

How many times can I enter? 

There is an unlimited amount of entries per day provided that each entry is based on a separate Qualifying Purchase & you have separate Proof of Purchase to accompany each entry. Each entry must be submitted separately in accordance with these Terms & Conditions here.

What are the iQuip Scratch & Win Participating Outlet? 

Any iQuip distributor that chooses to be part of the iQuip Scratch & Win competition. Ask you local distributor to become a participating outlet or contact us to find your closest participating outlet here.

What happens if I win? 

The scratch & win card will tell you if you are a winner, please validate and complete online form at Validation will take a further 5 business days and a confirmation email will come through to the email address used upon entry.

What is the prize? 

Prizes to be won include $500 eGift Card, iQuip iBeamie LED Rechargeable 10 Watt Pocket Floodlight, Dan Murphy eGift Card, Caltex eGift Card, Uber Eats eGift Card, JB Hi-Fi eGift Card, & Ebay eGift Card. 

I am a valid winner! How do I redeem my win? 

Go to and complete online form here

What is iQuip's Privacy Policy?

Please find our privacy policy here. 

Have more questions? 

You can contact us here.